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  • Should You Still Get an Xbox One?

    Right now, the Playstation 4′s fanboys are having a field day. Some of The Motley Fool’s and Yahoo’s bloggers have made a cottage industry of creating click-bait articles meant to draw huge numbers by throwing red meat to PS4 fans and incensing Microsoft fans. This article is different: Should…

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    GRID Autosport (13 photos)

    The next entry in the GRID series will be releasing June 24 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Credit Cards Now Offering 0% APR for 18 Months.

    Consumers can now get rid of high interest rates and get 0% APR for 18 months. Other offers including double miles and 40k points or $100 cash!

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  • ADDING PHOTOS Nintendo Joins with the National Park Foundation to Support the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll

    Nintendo of America announced today that it will join with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, to bring fun, active-play video games to

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    Batman: Arkham Origins - 'Cold Cold Heart' DLC Launch Trailer

    This Batman: Arkham Origins add-on centers around Mr. Freeze and is now out on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • How many F-bombs are in GTA V? Gamer counts the curses

    Franklin, Michael and Trevor -- the protagonists of last year's epic Grand Theft Auto V -- are a potty-mouthed bunch. But now there's conclusive proof that they’re among the crudest in video game history.

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  • Here’s how the Xbox One can finally catch up to Sony’s PS4

    The Xbox One has a major PS4 problem, recent sales numbers have revealed, with sales of Sony’s new console sales seriously outpacing Microsoft’s. While Sony has recently announced that it sold 7 million PS4 units, Microsoft was only able to say it shipped over 5 million units to stores, without…

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  • Nintendo embraces the idea of a ‘season pass’ for Mario Golf: World Tour

    Nintendo will give players a discount if they purchase all of Mario Golf's add-ons in one bundle. This is a first for the Japanese publisher.

  • Spook-snapping 'Fatal Frame' announced for Wii U

    Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are hoping to recapture the success of ghost hunting game "Fatal Frame" with a new project on the Wii U. "Fatal Frame" games charge their players with tracking down ghosts and apparitions, before defeating them by making use of an antique camera. And the upcoming release…

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  • 10 Years of Nursing

    Advance your career with a nursing degree from Kaplan University. Learn about our scholarships and apply today!

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  • Google, Apple battle for mobile gaming exclusives

    Microsoft vs. Sony is no longer the biggest battle in the video game world. These days it's Apple vs. Google -- and it's proving to be a lucrative fight for game makers. Just as the console giants regularly battle it … Continue reading →

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  • One chart shows why the PS4 is killing the Xbox One

    Another month of sales figures puts the PlayStation 4 way out in front of the Xbox One, but how does Sony keep trumping Microsoft? The $100 price difference is certainly a factor, but NeoGAF user deadpixel has put together an illuminating list of every major game release since the consoles…

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  • Nintendo's trailblazing Game Boy marks 25th anniversary

    Nintendo's trailblazing Game Boy marks its 25th anniversary on Monday with the portable device's legacy living on in cutting-edge smartphone games and among legions of nostalgic fans. The Japanese firm released its 8-bit Game Boy on April 21, 1989 -- the same year Soviet troops pulled out of…

  • The 10 coolest video game Easter eggs

    Once a year, millions of kids transform into amateur detectives sleuthing for hidden treasures. But all year round, millions of gamers do the exact same thing in their favorite video games. Digital Easter eggs have become as commonplace as that ‘extra’ scene at the end of a Marvel movie, though…

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  • Easter weekend flash sale offers PS3 and Vita games for $0.99

    U.S. PlayStation fans weren’t fortunate enough to receive a big Easter promotion like their European counterparts, but Sony is making up for it with a 99 cent flash sale this weekend, slashing prices on over 25 games on the PlayStation Network. Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that the offer…

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  • Nintendo Joins with the National Park Foundation to Support the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll

    Nintendo of America announced today that it will join with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, to bring fun, active-play video games to

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  • Samsung Galaxy S 5 on sale at T-Mobile

    The new Samsung Galaxy S 5 is available at T-Mobile for its lowest down payment. Enjoy free shipping when you order online.

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  • Oculus Rift lets dying woman take a final walk ‘outside’

    As cancer began taking its toll on Roberta Firstenberg, it started stealing things she had long loved and taken for granted. Chief among those was the ability to take a simple walk around her yard. Granddaughter (and game artist) Priscilla … Continue reading →

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  • GamesBeat weekly roundup: Microsoft moves 5 millions Xbox Ones, Sony sells more PlayStation 4s, and FarmVille 2 hits mobile

    Check out our entire week’s worth of coverage on VentureBeat’s channel for video games, GamesBeat.

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    MLB 14: The Show - PS4 Trailer

    The PS4 version of MLB 14: The Show releases May 6.

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  • Xbox One Sales Top 5 Million

    Microsoft said Thursday it has sold more than 5 million Xbox One consoles since they were launched in November. The news came a day after video game competitor Sony said it had sold more than 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles since mid-November. Sony’s numbers refer to sales to consumers, while…

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  • PlayStation 4 Sales Top 7 Million

    Sony says it has sold 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide since its launch last year and admitted it can’t make them fast enough, in a welcome change of fortune for the Japanese consumer electronics giant. “The response from the global gaming community for PS4 (PlayStation 4) has been…

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  • 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' skips Xbox One in puzzling postponement

    Primed for a multi-platform launch the week of April 29, movie tie-in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is now without an Xbox One version, after the new console's edition of the game was pulled with less than two weeks to go. Australian website Gamers Honest Truth was told by "sources close to…

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  • AT&T Business Wireless

    New prices on our Mobile Share Value Plans on the nation's most reliable 4G LTE network.

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