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  • LEGO robot plays free-to-play games while human creator sleeps

    Chris Morris at Plugged In1 day ago

    You may think you're a dedicated player of your free-to-play game of choice. But no matter how often you go on raids in Boom Beach or send help requests to Facebook friends in Candy Crush Saga, you won't come close to Uli Kilian's dedication.

    Kilian, a 3D production director, loves Jurassic Park Builder. But like most free-to-play games, it requires players to check in regularly and tap on a dinosaur to earn in-game currency. The alternative, of course, is to pay real world money, but who wants to do that?

    Certainly not Kilian, who developed a ridiculous plan to keep his expenses low: he built a robotic arm using a LEGO Technic set to do the tapping for him at night.

    "It's a really nice game with nice graphics," Kilian tells Wired. "But I thought you could easily automate the tapping."

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  • ‘The Last of Us’ is headed to the PS4

    Chris Morris at Plugged In7 days ago

    The game many people consider to be the best to ever grace the PlayStation 3 is coming to the PlayStation 4.

    A 'remastered’ version of Naughty Dog's critical and commercial smash The Last of Us goes next-gen this summer for $60.

    The updated version of the game will run in 1080p, letting the developer increase the resolution on Ellie and Joel -- as well as those damned Clickers -- and upgrade the shadows and lighting in the game.

    It will also come with a commentary track during the in-game cinematics, with Creative Director and Writer Neil Druckmann and voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson chiming in. And, as you'd expect, it will also come with all of the single- and multi-player expansion packs that have been released for the original game.

    Remastered games from the late stages of the last generation have already proven to be a big success with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix's update of Tomb Raider helped push that game's sales into the 6 million range.

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