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  • What’s the harm in pink toys? Plenty.

    Mike Smith at Plugged In2 mths ago

    Girls like pink. Boys like blue. It’s a cultural attitude so strong it might as well be burned into our DNA.

    Few things are more powerful than that -- and the idea’s never been stronger than it is today. But what appears to be a harmless-if-a-bit-sexist fashion statement is sending messages to boys and girls alike that parents may not intend. And I’m not talking about the time-honored way Barbie dolls teach kids that the ideal body is some sort of emaciated, stilt-legged freak. Although they do.

    No, there’s worse out there: a growing trend of deliberately sexist toys that are conditioning our children to be defined and constrained by their gender well into adulthood.

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  • The Hottest Trailers of E3

    Mike Smith at Plugged In10 mths ago

    The Xbox One might be flashy and the Playstation 4 might be sleek, but amid all this hardware news, you could be forgiven for losing sight of what’s really important about video gaming: the games.

    Here’s one way to solve that. Draw the curtains, sit back, and get ready for a taste of what you’ll be playing this holiday season...and beyond.

    Halo 5 (Xbox One)

    Though this Halo trailer debuted to much cheering during Microsoft’s press conference, it poses more questions than it answers. Is that really series lead Master Chief in that rather bohemian poncho? What’s that great big thing coming out of the sand? What’s this game even called, anyway? While we don’t know any of those things for sure, we do know that it’s an Xbox One exclusive, and it’ll be out next year. Whatever it is.

    Final Fantasy XV (Xbox One, PS4)

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