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Call of Duty channels Scorpions in amazing Berlin Wall trailer

Plugged In

If I've ever accused the gritty Call of Duty series for not having a sense of humor, I hereby take it all back...while waving a lighter in the air and banging my head. What else are you supposed to do when watching two virtual soldiers lip synch to the 1990 power ballad "Wind of Change" by Scorpions?

If that sounds odd, just wait until you watch the awesome new
trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops -- First Strike. The downloadable map pack
released on Thursday for the PS3 (it came to the Xbox 360 a few weeks ago), and
to celebrate, Activision crafted two minutes of Berlin Wall bizarreness that
simply has to be seen to be believed:

Doomed doves! Old Glory blowing in the breeze! Dueling assault
rifle guitar solos...on fire! Impressive stuff, and quite a different approach
for the typically dour Activision (who manages to leave out any useful info
about the expansion itself, such as the fact that it features four new
multiplayer maps and a new map for the game's Zombie mode.)

Whoever came up with this thing deserves an award...or at
least an all-expense paid trip to Germany to hang out with Scorpions.

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