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Fed up with slaving away in the kitchen? This list of cooking games will give you all the action and thrills of a career in the culinary arts without, you know, all that boring training, long hours, poor wages, oppressive working environments, snooty customers, and, most of all, work.


Burger Shop 2

Can you rebuild your burger empire with the help of the high-tech
BurgerTron2000? It'll make the food for you, but you'll still have to
keep up with the breathless pace of customer demands. Are you up to the


Cooking Academy

Egg rolls. Pancakes. Creme brulee. Ravioli. All of these tasty dishes
will be within your skills after playing a few hours of Cooking Academy
-- perhaps. One thing's for sure: at as little as $6.95, Cooking
Academy is a whole lot cheaper than a course at the Culinary Institute
of America.


Family Restaurant

How's this for a test of your cooking skills? Family Restaurant puts
you in the kitchen of your father's restaurant, where you'll need to be
both tasteful and creative to earn a coveted five-star rating -- and
the profits that'll follow.


Cooking Dash

Part of the esteemed Diner Dash series, Cooking Dash brings the same
fast-paced gameplay to a series of five restaurants. Can you chop
salad, cook steaks, and, fries quick enough to keep up with
your customers' demands?


Burger Island 2

Intrigue and mystery aren't words often applied to cooking games, but
Burger Island 2's hilarious plot has them in bunloads. Can you track
down the mythical Great Sauce, and stave off competition from your wily


Cake Mania 3

If you've ever had the desire to serve up fancy cakes to dinosaurs,
Cake Mania 3 is the game for you. Throw historical accuracy to the
winds as you hop the centuries in this time-traveling, cake-baking
classic -- and you can get a taste of its first stage in our Quick Play
section for free.


Diner Dash 2

This classic is one of our highest-rated cooking games. If you haven't
tried it out, download it and find out why. Not only does it feature
five new restaurants, four new power-ups, and plenty of new customer
types, it's probably the only cooking game in the world to feature a
mariachi band.

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