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Eric Estrada, Lou Ferrigno defend candy in bizarre Butterfinger game

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What do you get when you combine cheesy celebs from the 1970s, a Plants vs. Zombies knockoff, and a chocolatey, buttery treat?

You get what might be the strangest announcement of the month.

The game-crazies at Butterfinger have unveiled "The Good, The Bad and the Candy," a Facebook tower-defense game
that lets players defend a candy bar factory by employing creepy,
big-headed likenesses of CHiPs hunk Eric Estrada, old-school Hulk Lou
Ferrigno, and born-in-the-70s hottie Charisma Carpenter.

It gets only weirder. The game is introduced by none other than
original '70s crime-fighter Adam West, who has apparently been captured
by his fellow stars for stealing Butterfingers under the guise of --
wait for it -- the BARGLAR. We're not sure what's in the water at
Butterfinger HQ, but employees might want to start drinking bottled.

Unless you subscribe to Viral Marketing Weekly, the whole thing is a
bit tough to follow, but we've laid our fingers (sorry) on the game and
it's actually not bad. Like PopCap's epic tower defense game, you'll
have to stop waves of enemies -- in this case, robotic pirates,
cowboys, vampires, punks, and football players -- from destroying your
factory by hammering them with a variety of power-ups, or blocking
their path with the trio of stars, each of whom has his or her own
attack. Ferrigno squashes foes with a sort of jumping Hulk smash,
Estrada flings deadly hearts, and Carpenter unleashes fierce attack

There's a bright side to the defending, too, specifically in the
form of prizes like a daily $100 Visa gift card randomly awarded to
anyone who happens to log in, and a $575 Apple gift card awarded to the
highest weekly score. We would gladly lay a finger (or five) on that.

In case this all sounds a little familiar, you might be thinking of last year's Butterfinger game blitz
courtesy of comedian Seth Green, who tried to track down his missing
Butterfinger bar by asking people to play three different online games.

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