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How My Halo Addiction Almost Brought an End to My Marriage

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I've been a fan of Halo games since Halo: CE, but when Halo 2 was launched, my gaming addiction hit an all-time high - and brought my marriage to an all-time low. The following is how my Halo gaming addiction almost put an end to my marriage.

wife and I started dating at the age of 14, and we were the best of
friends before then. After dating for six years we finally got our own
place during college -- and it wasn't until then that my gaming
addiction became a noticeable problem for my wife.

When you move in with someone, regardless of how long you've been dating,
you're bound to find out new things about that person. Unfortunately for
my wife, she found out that I was a gaming addict. Shortly after we
moved in together, Halo 2 was launched, and it was the first Halo game with Xbox Live onlinemultiplayer support - a great new feature that my wife would soon grow
disgusted with.

I became completely obsessed with Halo 2, talking for hours on Halo forums, building an online following, and I even took the time to create a pretty crappy Halo 2 montage. My dream was to become a professional gamer with the newly emerging (and now popular) MLG professional gaming league and in order for me to make it to the pros, I had to practice playing MLG games all da, every day.

Halo was such a huge part of my day that I'd go days without shaving (I
still bathed) and sometimes skipping meal. I had absolutely no time for
real-world friends, and, although I'm ashamed to admit it, none for my
wife either. My gaming addiction was new to her and although she never
threatened to leave I could sense that my obsession was making her
miserable, and that our life-time goal of finally being able to live
together had become an absolute nightmare for her.

After all of my hard work, I managed to make it to the semi-pros and developed a pretty huge online fan-base throughout several Halo online communities, even becoming a moderator of one of the most popular Halo online forums. But I decided to quit it all to patch things up with the Mrs. Not only did I quit playing Halo,
I also went on a complete gaming strike for over a year and decided to
get my life back on track. My online friends and fans alike missed me,
but I had to do what was best for my marriage.

Over the years - as I became more mature - I started playing Halo
again, but I was able to curb my addiction. I learned that I didn't
have to stop enjoying my love for games entirely in order to have a
healthy relationship, but I did learn to draw the line between being a
compulsive gamer and being a loving husband.

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