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Lady Gaga hits the virtual farm with — wait for it — GagaVille

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Not content being the queen of social media, Lady Gaga is now taking her act to social gaming.

The iconic pop star has teamed with social games maker Zynga to create GagaVille, a newly created FarmVille farm which will give her little
monsters the chance to hear unreleased songs from her forthcoming album, "Born This Way," before anyone else.

Here's how it will work: Starting next week, FarmVille
players will be able to visit the neighboring in-game farm GagaVille, an area
the company describes as being full of "colorful crystals, magical
unicorns, sheep on motorcycles, and if we can cram it in, some leather and
glitter." By completing quests and unlocking Clear Channel's iHeartRadio
player, they'll be able to listen to three previously unheard songs.

Gaga and Zynga are also partnering for a 'Words With Gaga'
contest, tying into the popular Word With Friends mobile game. Both games will
kick off on May 17 -- six days before the album hits stores. Rabid Zynga fans
that purchase a special $25 game card at Best Buy will also receive a free
downloadable copy of the album.

Words With Friends fans can win concert tickets and other
prizes by playing a word of the day that's tied to the album, while players of
other games (such as Zynga Poker and, yes, Mafia Wars) will be able to redeem
their zCoins for Gaga-inspired items. An egg-shaped Mafia Wars vehicle, maybe?

This isn't the first collaboration between the artist and the
social gaming giant. In March, the two worked together on an
earthquake relief effort
for Japan, with the singer donating
$750,000 to the cause.


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