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Report: New Wii remote coming November

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Wii: new toys

Are you fed up with having a MotionPlus adapter hanging off the bottom of your Wii remote?

Released last year alongside best-seller Wii Sports Resort, the
MotionPlus improves the accuracy of the remote’s motion-detecting
sensors -- but it was never the most elegant of controller attachments.
But now, according to multiple reports, Nintendo’s about to fix all

How? By releasing a version of the remote that integrates the
MotionPlus hardware, that’s how. News of the new controller leaked when Nintendo Life spotted a box shot of FlingSmash, a game that’ll apparently be bundled with the controller when it launches on November 7.

Named the “Wii Remote Plus,” the new controller is pictured in black,
although we imagine Nintendo will release a white one, too. Outwardly,
it looks similar to the existing Wii remote, but sharp-eyed fans will
notice a slight curve right at the bottom of the controller’s front.

Nintendo U.S. has yet to comment, but British site Eurogamer
was able to coax a spokesperson into admitting that the controller is
indeed real. No further details are available -- including, crucially,
whether the controller will be available separately from FlingSmash --
but we’ll bring you more as soon as we have it.

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