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Sleight of hand adds magic to this wedding proposal

Plugged In

Professional magicians might be able to pull off exceptionally cool tricks, but getting to the point where you can reliably make the impossible possible takes insane amounts of practice and, by extension, alone time.

For Sean Emory, however, extensive alone time will be a thing of the past after nailing this magical wedding proposal to his (SPOILER ALERT!) new fiancée, Andrea Leachman:

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Shot on the campus of Western Kentucky University (the school where the two met), Sean’s proposal is pretty simple. Using a fascination with alchemy as the backdrop, Sean palms the ring in his left hand as his right hand 'fills' it with grass and dirt. The best part? The natural move to one knee, prompting Andrea -- who's filming the whole thing -- to zoom in and focus on his closed fist. It might not secure him an opening act slot for David Copperfield, but it works like a charm on a gasping Andrea. He pops the question, she hops up and down out of shock, and they embrace.

The end. Or rather, the beginning, as the two are planning on tying the knot in March of next year. Our hats off to the happy couple!

Special thanks to Dave Altizer for the video.

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