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Warcraft fan schools game’s makers

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It isn't every day
a fan gets a chance to directly confront their idols. And more often than not,
such an encounter usually results in blank stares, forgotten questions,
uncomfortable compliments, and possibly a signed body part.

But when one
big-time World of WarCraft fan (currently known only as "The Red Shirt
Guy") stepped up to the mic during a Q&A session at the recent
Blizzcon Fan expo, he managed to not only ask the right question, but earn the
respect of thousands of players by schooling two of the game's developers on a
botched piece of fiction.

Monotone voice,
encyclopedic knowledge of Warcraft's universe...yeah, safe to say he's a robot.
Or a mandroid. Either way, he's gotten props from gamers for having the nerve
-- and the know-how -- to verbally spar with Blizzard.

"Good for him! It probably took a lot to
get himself up to that microphone and to speak in a clear voice like
that," said commenter Diamond Drogg on Kotaku.
"And showing the devs how it's done, to boot."

Youtube commenter 7lip agrees.

"As someone who has played through every
single Warcraft game, and genuinely loves the storyline, this kid is my hero."

For those not versed in the intricacies of Warcraft lore (*meekly
raises hand*), The Red Shirt Guy's question concerns the status of the character Falstad Wildhammer. Apparently, Falstad's appearance in the World of
Warcraft book "The Shattering" -- a prelude to the coming Warcraft
game expansion, Cataclysm -- indicates that he's sitting on a certain council,
while the designers mistakenly believed the character to be long dead. Whoops!
Guess keeping track of a fantasy franchise as massive as Warcraft isn't as easy
as it looks.

Hiring, Blizzard?

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