Plugged In

Watch mirrors turn toys into amazing 3D holograms

Plugged In

Youtube extraordinaire Brusspup has a knack for turning simple ideas into mind-bending illusions. Take his latest creation: a mirrored device that seemingly transforms physical items into floating 3D images.

Technically, it’s called a “mirascope,” a classic, saucer-shaped toy with a hole on top. It’s entirely mirrored inside; when an object is placed in the mirascope, it gets reflected from top to bottom and back out at the viewer, which tricks the eye into thinking the image is actually floating at the top of the hole. Of course, like most of his work, Brusspup has taken that basic idea and supersized it, making for a much more pronounced effect.

Think that’s cool? Then check out what he can do with anamorphic images, grains of sand, and ordinary water. And be sure to follow his work by subscribing to his Youtube channel.

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