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10,000 iPhones topple like dominoes

Plugged In

What would you do with 10,000 iPhones? How about lining them up and knocking them down for the sheer amusement of watching that much technology be reduced to extremely fancy dominoes?

That seemed to do the trick for Aatma Studio. The visual effects company whipped up an awesome little video of 10,000 iPhone 5s toppling over, running in and out of an elevator and forming patterns on the ground. It’s simultaneously an impressive display of creativity and an infuriating waste of perfectly good replacements for my scratched up iPhone 4S.

Except it’s all fake.

“Except for the first iPhone that is set off, every other phone you see is computer generated," Aatma Studio CEO Pramod Modi Shantharam told the folks at Mashable. "We modeled, animated and rendered the CG phone where the footage was first motion-tracked and the CG phone was composited over it.”

Aatma, it turns out, specializes in creating unbelievably cool iOS concept videos, including this memorable piece for the iPhone 5. Wonder what they could do with 10,000 iPads?

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