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$150K Trek-decked apartment in jeopardy

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Tony Alleyne

A British Trekker who spent a decade converting his apartment into a replica Starship Enterprise is being ordered to dismantle it by his ex-wife, reports The Sun.

Nightclub DJ and Hinckley, Leicestershire resident Tony Alleyne has lived in the one-bedroom flat since he split up with his wife in 1994. These images published on i09 depict a Trek geek's 500-square foot dream pad, clearly inspired by circa Next Generation TV sets, with lit-up computer consoles and transporter pads.

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It doesn't sound like Federation laws have been breached, however. Alleyne's ex-wife claims she has being paying the mortgage since the couple separated and wants to sell. A court agreed, effectively pressing the apartment's self-destruct button.

That's proving a tough pill for Mr. Alleyne to swallow. He's spent over $150,000 on the refurbishment and accrued debts of over $200,000 trying to kick off his failed 2006 start-up offering Star Trek makeovers.

"The idea of living in a conventional environment, well, I sometimes have nightmares about it and it's really quite scary," Alleyne told BBC News.

Alleyne's wife believes the apartment will fetch a better price sold as a conventional dwelling, but we think that might be underestimating the passion of Trek fans. Do you think this ship will be drydocked? Let us know in the comments or @yahoogames.

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