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4-year-old discovers the truth behind Darth Vader and Luke, reacts accordingly

Plugged In

Say what you want about the Star Wars Blu-Ray collection, but the sci-fi saga wasn't always so controversial. It used to be rather amazing, in fact — and for first-time viewers of the original trilogy, that sense of magic and wonder overrides chatter about who shot first. (FYI, it was Han.)

And it doesn't get any better than "The Empire Strikes Back" — or more specifically, the movie's insane, plot twist climax. You know the scene: moments after whacking off Luke's hand in an epic lightsaber duel in Cloud City, the old-school, black-masked Darth Vader utters four simple words that to this day remain etched into the consciousness of geeks the world over.

But do you remember what FACE you made when you first watched the scene unfold? You will once you watch this awesome video, because you made the exact same face, guaranteed:

Wonder if he'll make the same face once dad tells him that the buzzy video is a viral sensation?

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