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5 family games for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving isn't just about getting stuffed on stuffing and cramming your pie-hole with pie -- it's also about lounging on the couch
with your family as you try to shake off a tryptophan-induced haze.

Hmm...comfy coma...sounds like the perfect combo
for a little gaming, eh? Since you'll likely be surrounded by relatives, try a
little family bonding with these great turkey day games. They'll thank you in
the morning.

Disney Guilty Party (Wii | More Info | Buy on Amazon)

Yes, there have been roughly 5,000 party games for the Wii,
and yes, roughly 4,995 of them have been terrible. But this one is actually
pretty great. Part 'Clue', part mini-game compilation and all kinds of whodunit
fun, Guilty Party breaks the party game mold, easily packing enough content to
keep you occupied while Aunt Martha and Uncle Barry argue over the economy.

Monopoly Streets (Xbox 360, PS3, Wi | More Info | Buy on Amazon)

When it comes to family fun, you can't beat a good
old-fashioned board game...although a good new-fashioned
game comes close. Monopoly Streets brings the game's famous properties up close
and personal by plunking you down at ground level, letting you enjoy the
classic from a whole new perspective. Bendable rules, real-time auctions and a
horde of other optional tweaks add flavor.

Dance Central (Xbox 360 | More Info | Buy on Amazon)

If you happen to own a Kinect and somehow DON'T own this
terrific dance game, you clearly have no interest in fun. Built by Rock Band
mastermind Harmonix, it one-ups the competition by letting you shake your
moneymaker without worrying about a controller. Plus, you're bound to sweat off
those mashed potatoes. At least the first helping.

Just Dance 2 (Wii | More Info | Buy on Amazon)

The follow-up to last year's surprise hit, this swingin'
sequel is the perfect antidote for post-meal lethargy. It's not the most
advanced game in the world -- just hold the Wii remote and dance like the goofy
silhouette -- but Just Dance 2's solid multiplayer offerings and undeniable
kitschy fun should make it a surefire hit with the clan.

Sports Champions (PS3 | More Info | Buy on Amazon)

Got a bunch of sports nuts in the family? Before you let
them zone out watching the day's NFL offerings, let them loose on Sports
Champions. Packed with every copy of PlayStation Move, this six-game sports
compilation is both an excellent showpiece for the motion-controlled technology
and a great family party game.


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