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8-year-old asks Santa for advice on turning Pokemon into real creatures

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Not real. (Credit: The Pokemon Company)

Kinnell Fanning loves Pokemon -- and like countless gamers before him, he can’t seem to stop thinking about the little critters. But Kinnell isn’t content just trying to catch 'em all. No, that will never do.

Instead, Kinnell wants to turn the fictitious monsters into legitimate, real-world pets – a solid idea, for sure, but one that grown-up gamers know will never happen because of that whole ‘fictitious’ part. So where do you go when you want the impossible?

Santa. You go to Santa. Which is exactly where Kinnell went in what might be The Most Adorable Letter of the Year ™:

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(Credit: Kevin Fanning)

“My 8-year-old wrote an off-season letter to Santa because he’s so sad and stressed about the fact that he might never get to have a real Pokemon in his life,” explains Kinnell’s father Kevin, who posted the letter on Tumblr and tweeted it out.

Kinnell’s main reason for wanting a real-world Pokemon (like he needs a reason) is that he wanted to have one as a pet on his 10th birthday. But that’s when he started piecing together the Great Pokemon Fallacy, and it all started falling apart.

"I think he eventually had looked at it from enough angles that he realized, wait, I don't know any 10 year olds with Pokemon, and I never actually see Pokemon anywhere in the real world, oh my god they're not real, and he just started sobbing," Fanning told Kotaku.

Of course that now puts the elder Fanning in the unenviable position of explaining to his son that neither Pokemon nor Santa are real.

“I wish there was some other way through this conversation with my son, and I guess posting his letter was my way of asking for ideas,” he said.

Can’t help you there, dad, though you might want to keep Kinnell off the internet for a while. Seriously.

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