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Plugged In

All aboard! Game Boat controller is hilarious, terrible

Plugged In

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Game Boat -- brilliant, or terrible?

Just when we thought we'd seen the be-all and end-all of crazy controllers...

Enter the Game Boat.
It's designed for upcoming Microsoft game Kinect Adventures, where you
(among other things) hurtle down a raging river onboard a (typically
imaginary) inflatable raft. The Game Boat will let you add that extra
dimension of aquatic realism by giving you a real, 5-foot-long
inflatable boat to sit in. It contains no electronics, and takes no
further part in the game. But it comes with a pump.

We thought Kinect, being an entirely controller-less system, would
have stemmed the tide of crazy controller attachments, but it...doesn't
appear to have done so. In its defense, the Game Boat can also be used
"in the watyr, [yes, watyr] at the sea or at the pool, by children and
adults." Hooray!

Seems like Kinect has left peripheral designers clutching at
straws...which is a rather appropriate metaphor, when you think about

Via Joystiq.

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