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You can actually play these Angry Birds Christmas Lights

Plugged In

'Tis the season for ridiculous, over-the-top Christmas light shows. But while most are simply fun to watch, this one's fun to play.

Check out the Angry Birds Christmas Lights game, and turn a piggish green with envy:

Using over 20,000 lights, the game is powered by two computers and ten Light-O-Rama 16-channel controllers. Apparently the 'joystick' has a long enough cord to let motorists play without leaving their cars, and they can even tune in to 99.1 FM to hear the game's audio.

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That joystick works much like the iOS game, too. The three buttons shoot left, right and center; the longer you hold a button down, the higher the shot goes. Best of all, it's environmentally conscious: each play-through costs less than one cent worth of electricity.

The maniac behind this insanity (posting as 'kumbaric' on Youtube) is somewhat obsessed with decorative holiday lights gaming. Last year brought us Snowball Blaster, while this past Halloween it was Punkin Chunkin'. He's even tackled video games before in the killer 2009 Guitar Hero light show game.

Can we get a Super Mario light show game next year? Please?

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