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Adorable 90-year-old grandmother freaks out over the Oculus Rift

Plugged In

Though 3D gaming has yet to catch on the way Sony and Nintendo had envisioned, that hasn’t dissuaded other companies from pushing the dimensional envelope. Oculus, makers of the soon-to-be-released Rift headset, have been blowing minds with their incredibly cool virtual reality tech, but none more tenderly than the mind of Paul Rivot’s awesome 90-year-old grandmother.

“Is it my eyes, or are the leaves blowing?” she asks as Paul, who works for Imagimind Studio, walks her through a demo set in Tuscany. "I'm amazed. I don't believe I'm seeing this."

Not a bad upsell for the Rift, which has already garnered loads of praise from journalists who have had some early hands-on (heads-on?) time with the device. Unfortunately, it's yet to get a release date or price point, though we're pretty sure they just found one very happy customer.

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