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Amazing Post-It note Mario animation uses 7,000 sheets of paper

Plugged In

Strange things happen when you leave the office for the night

By Mike Wehner, Tecca

Ever wonder what your Post-It notes do at night when you're not around? Well according to this video from Final Cut King, those tiny, sticky sheets of paper on your desk have a rather playful side. Using stop motion animation techniques, a total of 7,000 Post-It notes spring to life in this fantastic video tribute to classic 8-bit Mario

The video begins with a frustrated gamer failing at a level from the Super Mario World title which appeared on the SNES system. Once he calls it quits, his office supplies take over, recreating some nostalgic action from the older, original Mario title. Pac-Man even makes a brief appearance, before being crushed under the formidable shoes of the denim-clad Nintendo mascot.

With stop motion animation, each frame of the video is shot as a single photograph. Using editing software, the shots are then stitched together to give the appearance of movement. It's an age-old method, that requires a ton of time and patience to pull off. According to the video, the rather brief animation uses 7,000 Post-It notes in total.

Of course, this isn't the first time someone has given Mario the stop motion treatment. In fact, a couple of years back a similar video popped up on YouTube, though it will be up to the web to decide which one is superior.


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