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Angry Birds: coming to a tabletop near you

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Angry Birds: Still angry

Rovio's Angry Birds have popped up on the iPhone, the PSP, Android, the PS3,
the PC and Mac -- but now they're coming to a platform of an altogether different sort.

Your kitchen table.

In perhaps one of the strangest announcements at last week's Consumer Electronics Show, toy maker Mattel drew a crowd -- according to the New York TImes -- by unveiling a board game based on the popular, pig-punishing mobile game.

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood, which will go on sale in May for $14.99, will see
players building structures from plastic bricks, placing green pig
targets inside them, then launching the titular avians (from real
catapults) in an effort to bring the whole shebang crashing down.

We assume there'll be some sort of points system to decide the victor,
although to be perfectly honest we'll probably play it for hours whether
it has one or not.

Via Joystiq and Electric Pig.


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