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Angry Birds head to Hollywood for next game

Plugged In

The biggest game on the App Store is stretching its wings.

Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced a partnership with 20th Century Fox for a new Angry Birds game based on the studio's upcoming animated film, Rio. Much like the

successful 'Seasons' spinoff, the new title -- dubbed Angry Birds Rio -- will

be a full 45-level standalone release and is due out in March for smartphones

and tablets.

In the game, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and

whisked away to Rio, where they must help save the two macau stars of the

feature film by -- what else -- lobbing themselves at giant structures. Their new enemy? An evil white parrot! No seriously, behold his evilness:

See? EVIL.

The Rio tie-in is the latest step in Rovio's plan to take over the world with Angry Birds, a scheme that includes an Angry Birds board game and an official Angry Birds movie.

Angry Birds isn't the only hit app to support a major film release. A free update to fellow App Store giant Doodle Jump (recently confirmed as being the top paid iPhone app ever) will feature the star of the upcoming Universal Picture animated flick, Hop.

Igor Pusenjak, president and founder of Lima Sky, put in all in perspective.

"To have Doodle Jump involved with the launch of a major motion picture demonstrates how influential apps have become in just a few short years," he said in a release.

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