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Angry Birds next adventure? Kart racing

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(Credit: Rovio)

The Angry Birds are leaving the nest -- and the slingshot.

On Tuesday, Rovio introduced the next installment in the ridiculously popular mobile gaming series, which sees the birds and their porcine nemeses take to the track. Angry Birds Go! is a free-to-play kart racing game, filled with the upgrades and special powers you've come to expect from the genre.

The company's planning a broad launch, with versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry all arriving on December 11.

All of the familiar characters from Angry Birds will be put behind the wheel of a kart, including Red, Bomb, and King Pig. Each character has its own special power: Red seems to posses a speed boost, while Stella can temporarily float above the carnage in a balloon.

In addition, players will be able to upgrade their vehicles, presumably using in-game cash won in races or bought with real-world money via in-app purchase.

"The game will be built from the ground up as a free-to-play title, with a whole host of modes and features included from the get-go," said Rovio in a statement. "In Angry Birds Go! you can feel the rush as you fling down the track and go head-to-head in a fast and furious race to the finish line! Look out for treacherous roads, mischievous opponents and unique special powers to put the race leader behind the pack."

Like the recently released Angry Birds: Star Wars II, Angry Birds Go! will also take advantage of Telepods, real-world toys that can be purchased in stores. The figurines work much like a Skylanders or Disney Infinity character: each one packs a small QR code on the bottom. When players purchase one and put a Telepod on a device's camera, that figurine is transferred into the game. Players who own Telepods already will get a sneak peek at the game at the end of the month.

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