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Angry Birds to Offer Themed Parks, Merchandise

Plugged In

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Still angry.

Contributed by Claudine Zap

Move over, Mickey Mouse. There's an angry bird coming your way: The Finnish company of the hugely popular mobile phone game Angry Birds is looking to expand into Disney territory: themed parks and merchandise.

The addictive video game, which uses slingshots to fling multicolored birds at egg-stealing, evil pigs hiding in fortresses, would turn into branded playgrounds in Europe. The playgrounds, called Angry Birds Land,  will debut in Finland and then spread to Britain. The playlands will feature arcade galleries, natch, which would be attached to existing theme parks.

The company is teaming up with playground creator Lappset would also offer Angry Birds-themed swings, sandpits, climbing towers, and slides. What, no Angry Birds catapult? What about bacon snacks?

The Finnish company behind the game, Rovio, wants nothing short of world domination. Said marketing head Peter Vesterbacka to Reuters, "We want to make Angry Birds a permanent part of pop culture. We're just getting started."

After just a few years, the game is the fastest-growing on Facebook and has been downloaded 700 million times since its launch in 2009.

Merchandising plans include themed stores in China (think Hello Kitty for Angry Birds fans) and Angry Birds-inspired merchandise such as stuffed animals, T-shirts, and toys.

Coming up: An Angry Birds major motion picture and new Angry Birds games. Angry Birds Space arrives next week, and searches on Yahoo! are already astronomical.

Check out a promotional video for the activity parks.

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