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‘Angry Birds’ slingshot to Facebook

Plugged In

Rovio's feathered heroes have already put a dent in your social life. Now they're taking aim at your social network.

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Angry Birds officially went live on Facebook on Tuesday, bringing some new tweaks to its immensely popular formula. You'll start off with access to a few new gadgets, including a super slingshot, a handy targeting scope and a pig-rattling earthquake.

Of course, you only get the first few for free. As with most Facebook games, Angry Birds features a microtransaction model that lets users spend real coin to buy more in-game power-ups. The game also includes Facebook staples like gifting and leaderboards.

Three worlds await players: the familiar 'Poached Eggs' and 'Mighty Hoax' levels from previous versions, plus the Facebook exclusive 'Surf and Turf' set. That puts it a step ahead of the Google Plus version, which was released in August of last year and currently features only 'Poached Eggs' and a handful of 'Teamwork' levels.

It's a marriage made in heaven, provided heaven hates pigs. Angry Birds is closing in on one billion downloads across various mobile devices, but has yet to truly tap into Facebook's 800 million users. Combine those numbers and, by my math, over eleventy-gazillion people will be flinging birds at stuff in the very near future.

It's just another step in Rovio's plan to take over the world, which includes everything from board games to awesome playgrounds to a feature-length film.

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