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Plugged In

‘Angry Birds Space’ demonstrated…in space

Plugged In

The next game in the chart-topping Angry Birds franchise is headed to the stars. And to show off some of its cool new features, developer Rovio decided to head up there, too.

Or at least they had the good sense to let a professional handle the demo duties.

In a killer video, NASA astronaut Don Pettit shows off the game's new interstellar physics while lounging in the comfy confines of the International Space Station:

Pettit merrily toys with eggs and green pig balloons while giving a lesson on trajectory that would make Bill Nye The Science Guy proud. The coolest bit? Slingshotting a red bird while weightless. Zero-grav game demo, FTW!

Check out screenshots of Angry Birds Space

The video also contains the first gameplay footage of Angry Birds Space in action, revealing loads of gravity-induced mayhem and a new bird that can freeze objects solid. The game is due out on March 22 for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

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