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Another month, another goofy spelling error for Capcom

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Another evil Capcom typo

It might not be as severe as the "Madden Curse," but Japan-based game publisher Capcom apparently irked the wrong witch doctor. Doomed to be sneered at by editors everywhere, Capcom continues to litter its marketing materials with spelling blunders.

Kotaku today spotted a web ad on game help site that misspelled "mercenaries" as "merchenaries." (Note: The ad has since been updated with the correct spelling.)

In isolation, this gaffe is excusable, but it's just another in a series of avoidable accidents that Capcom's own SVP of planning and development called "embarrassing" in an interview with Game Informer.

In late January, Capcom released handheld title Resident Evil: Revelations only to discover the packaging's spine was misspelled as "Revelaitons." A few weeks later, its subsequent Xbox release Asura's Wrath proudly boasted on the back of the game box, "Near impossible chanllenges!"

Not wanting to be left out, fellow publisher Konami joined the fray in March. On the Spanish version of Silent Hill: Downpour, the word for "rain" is misspelled so that the marketing copy on the back of the box asks, "Who can stop Luvia?" (That's a municipality in Finland.)

Hard news, this isn't, but adequate copy editing for materials that get created months in advance shouldn't be hard to achieve, either.

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