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Doodle Jump

With thousands of games competing for room on the App Store, developers are hard-pressed to make a name for themselves. Lima Sky, makers of perennial chart-topper 'Doodle Jump', managed to do just that, and they'd now like other developers to kindly back off their prized pig.

With the support of Apple, Lima Sky is reportedly attempting to enforce its trademark by issuing warnings to the developers of other apps with the word 'doodle' in the title. But competing developers aren't backing down.

"If we all stand together on this, the little guy won't be so little," said
Brian Duke of Acceleroto, developer of 'Doodle Hockey', in a forum thread on TouchArcade. "I'm fighting this. You should too."

Duke points out that Lima Sky only owns the trademark on the
full title 'Doodle Jump' -- not the specific word in question -- and that the
game wasn't the first 'doodle' title to appear on the App Store. It was enough
to convince another doodle developer, 'Doodle Monsters' maker Robots vs.
Wizards, to reconsider plans to comply with Apple.

Lima Sky owner Igor Pusenjak issued a brief comment to PocketGamer,
claiming that his company is "required by USPTO [US Patent and Trademark
Office] to monitor and police our trade marks. If we don't, we lose them."

This isn't the first time an app maker has attempted to enforce a curious trademark on its fellow developers. Last year, Korean app developer Com2us issued a similar threat
to other developers for using the words 'Tower Defense' in their game titles,
as they claimed to own the trademark.

If indeed Apple plans on pulling every other game with 'Doodle' in the title, they'll be up late: over 700 games currently include the word. Oodles of doodles!


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