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App Store smash ‘Infinity Blade’ rakes in $1.7m in four days

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Infinity Blade: a looker

Not only is it probably the best-looking app on the App Store, it's now the fastest grossing to boot.

Yup, one-on-one fantasy swordfighting game Infinity Blade boasts graphics
courtesy of Epic's Unreal engine -- the same tech that powers hits like Bioshock 2 (Buy | Search), Mass Effect (Buy | Search), and Gears of War (Buy | Search) -- and now Apple's Game Center indicates nearly 300,000 people have downloaded the game in its first
four days of availability. At $5.99 a copy, that equates to a take of a
record-breaking $1.7m -- and in a market where it's difficult for
anything priced higher than $0.99 to gain any traction, that's a real

It may only be part of the story. Epic's Mark Rein took to Twitter today
to pass along word that "the Game Center numbers being reported are
quite a bit lower than the actual sales...not everyone on iOS is on Game

Top iOS review site Appolicious called Infinity Blade "probably
the most gorgeous game you can play on an iOS device," but found the
gameplay a little on the repetitive side. All the same, we'd suggest
checking it out for the stunning visuals, which rival many games on
consoles like the Xbox 360.

If nothing else,  Infinity Blade's success bodes well for future big-budget iPhone game
development. At least one triple-A 2011 console game, Rage, is confirmed as coming to the platform armed with similarly impressive graphics.

Via Joystiq.


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