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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to star in ridiculous iOS game

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(Credit: React! Games)

One of the key players behind the biggest company in the world is going 8-bit.

Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple alongside Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, is teaming up with legendary character actor Danny Trejo ("Machete") in an over-the-top action game for -- what else -- your iOS device.

It's called Danny Trejo's Vengeance : Woz with a Coz, and it's really happening.

Releasing around November 22, the game is ostensibly tied to an upcoming Trejo film called "Vengeance." But really it's about helping Wozniak save his wife, "J-Woz," from the clutches of a nefarious street gang by mercilessly beating them up.

"Featuring an over-the-top, old school inspired action combined with a retro 8-bit and exciting gritty art style, players will enjoy Woz's brain power, translator apps, Danny Trejo's machetes, guns, and other crazy upgrades," reads the game's description on its official Facebook page.

Seriously, this is happening.

Other famous faces will appear in the game as well, including rapper Baby Bash and UFC lightweight fighter Rashad Evans. The game is being made by React! Games, whose previous efforts include a remake of the classic game Archon (which is almost as old as Apple) and free-to-play endless running game President's Run, which starred this year's cast of White House hopefuls.

Woz with a Coz is Wozniak's first official video game appearance. He left Apple in 1987, though he's remained an avid supporter of the company. Earlier this year he even waited in line in Australia to be among the first in the world to buy an iPhone 5.

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