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Appolicious: 5 iPhone games headed to consoles

Plugged In

For years, playing mobile phone games meant playing crappy Snake and Tetris clones. Occasionally a halfway decent port of a big name title would show up, but serious, heavyweight titles? Fuggedaboutit.

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Fruit Ninja Kinect (Halfbrick Studios)

Of course, that was before Apple changed everything with the App Store, and once those floodgates opened, the hits couldn't come fast enough. And now, some of the biggest iOS blockbusters are doing the unthinkable by taking up residence in your fancy shmancy game console.

In honor of this week's release of slice-and-dice smash Fruit Ninja for Kinect, our pals at Appolicious takes a look at five of the coolest iPhone hits coming soon to a console near you — and it's definitely worth a look.

Link: 5 iPhone games coming to a console near you

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