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Plugged In

  • The 10 coolest video game Easter eggs

    Ben Silverman at Plugged In6 days ago

    Once a year, millions of kids transform into amateur detectives sleuthing for hidden treasures. But all year round, millions of gamers do the exact same thing in their favorite video games. Digital Easter eggs have become as commonplace as that ‘extra’ scene at the end of a Marvel movie, though some are more interesting than others. Here are ten of our favorites.

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  • PS4 outsells Xbox One, Titanfall tops charts in stellar March

    Chris Morris at Plugged In7 days ago

    Gamers may not be buying a ton of games these days, but they're sure gobbling up game systems.

    Sales of video game hardware in March were up a massive 78 percent in March as compared to a year ago, according to The NPD Group. Console sales more than doubled as demand continues for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That surge in hardware sales led to a 3 percent climb in overall sales versus March 2013.

    While NPD does not specifically break out sales numbers by system, the company's analyst Liam Callahan noted that PS4 sales once again outpaced the Xbox One.

    “In March 2014, Sony’s PS4 led hardware sales for the third month in a row,” he said.

    That's bound to be a disappointment to Microsoft, which bundled EA's critically-acclaimedgiant mech shooter Titanfall with the Xbox One to promote sales of the system. Many retailers offered discounts of $50 on top of that bundle.

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  • Review: Amazon Fire TV checks the boxes but misses the mark

    Ben Silverman at Plugged In7 days ago

    Amazon has become a hard company to define. E-tailer? Yep. Tablet maker? Sure. Cloud streaming service? Okay, why not. The company hasn’t met a business idea it doesn’t like.

    Now add ‘set-top box manufacturer’ to the list, with a side of ‘video game console maker’ thrown in for good measure. It earns these monikers courtesy of the Amazon Fire TV. Much like the complicated company behind it, the new device does a lot of things, but not necessarily better than the competition. How much you’ll like it is inextricably tied to your budget, how much you use Amazon’s suite of services, and what kind of other electronic gadgetry you already own.

    The Fire TV is an internet-connected set-top box that lets you stream content to the TV from a variety of services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and of course Amazon’s own store. At a mere $99, it’s priced to compete with the likes of Apple TV and Roku. And at first blush, it’s a winner.

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