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  • Pro gamer celebrates too early, loses match

    Chris Morris at Plugged In10 days ago

    Over-the-top celebrations are perfectly fine when you've won a big game. Just make sure you've actually won first.

    That's a lesson one pro gamer learned during the Evolution Championship Series (more commonly referred to as EVO) this past weekend when he prematurely took a victory lap.

    A player named Woshige was in the semi-finals in a tough Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN battle against a fellow pro named Ogawa. After a back and forth fight, Woshige scored a knockout and began strutting around the stage with his arms raised.

    The problem? The game wasn't over. He still needed another victory to seal it.

    He realized that a few seconds too late, rushing back over to grab the controller as Ogawa effortless pounded his opponent to win the semifinal. As Ogawa made his own victory lap, Woshige sat slumped in his chair with his head down, humiliated but chuckling at his own mistake.

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  • 10 awesome old board game commercials

    Yahoo! Games at Plugged In14 days ago

    If you’ve ever fired up a decades-old VHS tape, you may have noticed that the old commercials are often more interesting than the shows you or your parents were trying to tape.

    A memorable commercial is a magical time capsule, a portal to bygone hair styles, dated social mores, crude special effects, and weird theme songs. Here are ten awesome board game commercials (and quasi-board-game commercials) covering over three decades’ worth of frenzied advertising.

    Legendary filmmaker Orson Welles was obliged to do a lot of side gigging in his sunset years. When he wasn’t , Welles even dipped his formidable toe into the games business. Here he is seriously classing up the joint while pitching the coveted early-80s electronic board game Dark Tower . Take a lesson from the maestro: that’s how you phone it in.

    This perfectly serviceable commercial works more as a nostalgia hit than as anything especially weird or funny. We’re mainly impressed with the bluesy way the vocalist sings “Hippooooo” at 0:05, and with the narrator’s punctilious grammar. (Does anybody say “whosever” anymore?)

    This one is, um...nope. We’re not going to say anything. Mr. Bucket, everybody.

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