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  • This video illusion will ‘stretch’ your perception

    Gordon Cameron at Plugged In4 mths ago

    Internet illusionist Brusspup is back with another video, and this time – despite the high-tech trappings – he’s going old school. Old school as in the Renaissance. The trick on display here is called anamorphosis, and painters have employed it for hundreds of years.

    The idea is to create a distorted picture of an object such that, when viewed from a certain perspective, it seems to exist in the same three-dimensional space as everything around it. Brusspup dares you to spot the trick by placing his anamorphic images in plain view on a tabletop amid real objects.

    “ Each object was photographed and then stretched properly and printed, ” explains Brusspup. “ When the printed paper is placed back in the same position as when it was photographed, then it looks like the object is actually there. ”

    There are some subtle touches that help to sell the illusion. For example, there’s a reason each object is sitting on a piece of paper or a pile of photos. These items create a surface on which the shadow can be cast. “ Without the shadow, the illusion would be instantly broken,” says Brusspup. “So the shadows are extremely important.”

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