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Plugged In

Awesome Star Trek wedding proposal warps across Internet

Plugged In

Set your phasers to love.

The internet is overflowing with geeky wedding proposals, but few can hold a candle to this magic moment captured during the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con last week.

Forget the fact that you can't quite hear what burgeoning Trek legend Zach Munn says to his now-fiancee -- she's clearly digging it and rewards him with a "yes!" -- and stick around for what might be the most perfect ending in the history of geeky wedding proposals:

In case you missed it, that was Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself -- or at least his alter-ego, actor Patrick Stewart -- congratulating the two with a hearty 'Engaged.' And if that doesn't ring a few bells, you clearly didn't watch enough Star Trek: The Next Generation. Here's a refresher:

May the happy couple live long and prosper.

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