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Beam me app, Scotty! ‘Shatoetry’ comes to iPhone

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William Shatner's never been afraid of high tech.  After all, he starred in a TV series that set the standard for pop-culture sci-fi, developed a series of cyber-noir novels, and got in on the ground floor of the dot-com boom by becoming the pitchman for e-travel agency

So upon hearing the news that Shatner's launching his own iPhone app, our first reaction was, "what took him so long?"

The app, called "Shatoetry" and co-created by Lev Chapelsky of Blindlight Apps, takes advantage…of Shatner's…famed…penchant for dramatic pauses and…over-the-top line readings, allowing users to put the actor's legendary pipes to work sending out messages of their own devising across numerous social networks.

"I wish I could sing.  I can't," Shatner commented at a Los Angeles press event for the app's launch.  (Too true, Bill, too true.) "But what I can do is seek out the poetry of words… So the musicality of the word, the rhythm of the word, the meaning of the word, all in its context, appeals to me."

The concept is simple: the app provides a random selection of over 400 words which Shatner recorded in his inimitable style (well, maybe not so inimitable).  By dragging-and-dropping the words and adding appropriate pauses (represented by an ellipsis), you can assemble all sorts of sentences, from the informative to the poetic to the ridiculously random.  Best of all, each word has been recorded three different times by Shatner — simply tap it to get a more emphatic line reading.  While we've yet to find a reading as "big" as this classic, there are plenty of whimsical variations.

Once you've crafted the perfect piece of Shatoetry, you can share it with friends as an .mp4 audio file via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or email.

Sadly, neither 'Spock' nor 'Enterprise' appear on the list of available Shatoetry words.  Darn those Paramount lawyers!

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