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Beyonce sued for $100 million over video game

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She might be a major talent, but not everyone is crazy in love with Beyonce.

Top of the list is video game developer Gate Five, who are suing the entertainer for $100 million over a "bad faith breach of contract."

A summons filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court claims that Beyonce backed out of a deal to create a motion-controlled dance video game called Starpower:Beyonce. Gate Five alleges that out of nowhere Beyonce "made an extortionate demand for entirely new compensation
terms," a move that scared off investors, causing the developer to lay off
70 employees the week before Christmas and eventually abandon the game

The dance game genre is booming business these days. A game based on the works of Michael Jackson has been a huge hit, as has booty-shaking Kinect launch game Dance Central.

The summons further claims that Beyonce's actions were "so unscrupulous that
her then manager renounced them." That would be her father, Mathew Knowles, who the singer parted ways with last month.

Via NY Magazine

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