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Bieber is a baller in NBA 2K13

Plugged In

The newly released NBA 2K13 is, by all accounts, a terrific video game and among the most realistic sports simulations you'll ever play.

Also, it's got Justin Bieber. A 6'4" Justin Bieber who can drive past Kevin Durant and dunk on Kobe Bryant:

Believe it or not, that's not a user-created version of the Canadian teen sensation. Basketball Bieber is one of players featured on the game's 'Celeb' team, which includes the likes of Bow Wow, JB Smoove, Chamilionaire, Pauly D from Jersey Shore, and even The Office's round mound of rebound, Brian Baumgartner. Gamers can play as the Celeb team right off the bat and pit them against any current or legendary NBA team.

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While the video makes Bieber out to be a bit of a b-ball wimp, he's actually got some real-world skills. Last year he held his own in a celebrity game during NBA All-Star Weekend, crossing up Common and dropping a legit three en route to nabbing the fan MVP award (those legions of Beliebers sure come in handy).

The game, however, turns him into a virtual Chris Paul by rating him a hearty 92, better than Deron Williams and Kevin Love. The whole celeb team, in fact, is given a preposterous 97 overall rating, which is only two points shy of  the 1992 Dream Team. Is Fletch coaching these guys?

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