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Black Friday Video Game Deals

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Ah, Black Friday. Half the nation is in bed, nursing the year's biggest
tryptophan hangover -- and the other half is beating down the doors of
their local retailers, baying for bargains with a glint in their eyes
and wallets in their hands. If you're going to tackle the crowds, you're
going to need a game plan -- so here, for your convenience, are our
picks of the best Black Friday video game deals.


Gamestop: used

Go-to video game retailer Gamestop is less of a hot Black Friday destination than other stores, and that's reflected in the selection of deals. You might do well with their buy-two-get-three offer on used games, but that'll depend completely on your local store's inventory. All the same, their console bundle deals aren't too bad -- and at least you should be spared the worst of the crowds.

-- Buy two, get one free on used games and accessories
-- Xbox 360 4 GB with either Madden NFL 11 or Medal of Honor: $199.99
-- PS3 160 GB with all three God of War games: $299.99
-- Black Wii with Just Dance and Wii Sports Resort: $199.99


Walmart: price-matching

If you're up for braving the crowds, you'll find a characteristically outstanding set of savings on some of the year's best games at Walmart.  It's also
worth noting that Walmart, in a break to traditional Black Friday
practice, will be price-matching deals from other retailers -- and that news on its own might be enough to make it worth the crush.

-- DS Lite: $89
-- Red Wii with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and two Wiimotes and nunchuks: $249
-- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: $29
-- Madden NFL 2011: $29
-- Medal of Honor: $29
-- NBA Jam: $29
-- Red Dead Redemption: $29
-- God of War Collection: $10
-- Star Wars: Force Unleashed: $10
-- Wheel of Fortune: $10


Target: gift cards

Favoring the gift-card bundle over slashed prices, Target's gaming deals are
pretty solid. An Xbox 360 for an effective sub-$150 outlay is the
cheapest we can find this year, and Target shoppers will have an ample
selection of cheap games to go with it.

-- 4 GB Xbox 360 with $50 gift card: $199
-- PSP with LittleBigPlanet and Karate Kid: $127
-- Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with $10 gift card: $59.99
-- Just Dance 2 with $10 gift card: $39.99
-- Halo Reach: $35
-- Medal of Honor: $35
-- Final Fantasy XIII -- $17


K-Mart: all-rounder

if you've only got the time or energy to raid one retailer this Friday,
we recommend you make it K-Mart. Matching Walmart's outstanding deal on
the DS Lite, there's also an awesome Xbox 360 bundle on offer -- and
$20-$25 savings on a good number of the year's top games.

-- DS Lite: $89.99
-- Xbox 360 4GB with Call of Duty: Black Ops: $199.99
-- Fable 3: $39.99
-- Fallout: New Vegas: $34.99
-- Madden NFL 11: $39.99
-- Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: $34.99
-- Halo: Reach: $39.99
-- NBA Jam: $29.99
-- Mass Effect 2: $9.99
-- The Beatles: Rock Band: $14.99


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