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Black Ops II ‘Uprising’ to feature Hollywood’s top mob men

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Ray Liotta, sorta (Credit: Activision/Treyarch)

Activision has never been afraid to go big with its expansions for Call of Duty, but the next bit of downloadable content makes an offer you might not want to refuse.

Uprising, the next downloadable expansion for the billion-selling shooter, will feature four new diverse multiplayer maps and a new Zombie mode that features four of Hollywood's go-to actors for mafia-themed films.

It's the Hollywood angle that makes Uprising so unique. The new mode -- called "Mob of the Dead" -- is set in Alcatraz prison and feature the likenesses (and voices) of Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, and Michael Madsen.

The mode focuses on four prohibition-era mobsters, all serving time in Alcatraz. As they try to escape the island prison, they discover it's infested by the undead and will have to rely on improvised weapons (and, natch, firearms) to fend them off.

Should you, as one of those mobsters, fall victim to the zombies, that's not the end of the game, though. A new feature known as "Purgatory" sends you to the afterlife.

Three of the four actors tapped by Activision have fairly deep backgrounds in the video game space. Liotta, Pantoliano and Madsen have all done voice work in various Grand Theft Auto games.

Liotta played protagonist Tommy Vercetti in 2002's Vice City. Pantoliano voiced Luigi Goterelli in GTA III -- the same game in which Madsen voiced Antonio "Toni" Cipriani. Madsen was also the voice of the assassin Duad in last year's hit, Dishonored.

If zombies aren't your thing, Uprising will also feature four new multiplayer maps. "Magma" is set in a Japanese village with lava coursing through the streets, "Encore" is set in a music amphitheater, "Vertigo" is set in a high-tech high rise in India, and "Studio" (a remake of the fan-favorite "Firing Range" map) is set on a Hollywood backlot with several cinematic themes.

The DLC will ship on April 16 for Xbox Live subscribers and carry a price tag of 1200 Microsoft points ($15). PlayStation and PC fans will likely see it a couple months later, if history is any indicator.

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