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Blake Griffin dunks on a tiger, lobbies for role in ‘Rage’

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Blake Griffin lobbies for a job

Blake Griffin has a lot going for him. He has endorsement deals with TV manufacturer Vizio, a multimillion dollar contact with the Los Angeles Clippers and sitting on his mantle at home are trophies for the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest and NBA Rookie of the Year.

But what the guy really wants, it seems, is to fight mutants and in id Software's upcoming shooter, Rage. And he's making his case in a hilarious new video that includes motion-capture, dribble-drives and, yes, a tiger getting dunked on:

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Rage blends the first-person shooter genre with wide-open, automotive combat -- neither of which are skills encouraged by the NBA.

That's not stopping Griffin, though. Maybe he should mention he was also the cover athlete for EA's NCAA Basketball 10. (Then again...maybe not. Rage was originally going to be published by EA until Bethesda bought id. There might be some lingering bad feelings there.)

Either way, watch Griffin's lobbying efforts, then let us know if you want to see a 6'10" power forward with a massive vertical leap take on id's wasteland in the comments. If nothing else, he could come closest to seeing eye-to-eye with the two-story tall super-mutant the developer has teased in previews of the game.


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