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Plugged In

Blizzcon blowout: Diablo III detailed

Plugged In

If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft -- or Starcraft, or Diablo, or
any of the other games of widely-loved developer Blizzard -- there’s
only one place to be this weekend: Anaheim, California, at the Blizzcon
expo that annually attracts tens of thousands of like-minded fanatics.

Starcraft tournaments, costume competitions, and a live performance
from nerd faves Tenacious D are all on this weekend's agenda -- but the
big news today comes from the conference’s opening address.

Yup, as is Blizzard’s habit, they took advantage of a
standing-room-only crowd of cheering fans to unveil more details about
their next big release, Diablo III. Specifically, they announced the
game’s fifth and final player class, the Demon Hunter, and detailed the
game’s player-versus-player multiplayer system. It’ll take place in
dedicated arenas, and include both individual and team events.

Then, Blizzard VP Chris Metzen grandly pulled the drapes off a new
trailer. This new trailer, as it happens. (You might want to beware:
it’s pretty violent. If decapitations aren’t your bag, you might want
to skip it.)

Enough to whet your appetite? Diablo III has no official release date,
but it’s expected (or perhaps “hoped” is a better word) to be coming
out sometime in 2011.

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