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Bond’s back in ’007 Legends’

Plugged In

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James Bond has been responsible for some truly memorable film and gaming moments. This fall, you'll get the chance to explore both at the same time.

Activision has taken the wraps off 007 Legends, a new game for the franchise that's expected to launch in conjunction with the series' 50th anniversary. Rather than relying solely on developers to craft new Bond scenes, however, Legends will instead let you play out some of the most iconic missions Bond has undertaken.

"To honor 50 years of the world's top secret agent, 007 Legends offers a collection of his most famed moments in the smartest and most treacherous Bond game yet," said David Oxford, executive vice president at Activision Publishing, Inc.

The game features a new storyline designed to tie together six separate Bond films, concluding with the upcoming "Skyfall."

Of course, Bond's legacy doesn't stop at the local multiplex. Legends will also feature the return of the Mi6 Ops Missions that were a popular part of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. And for the first time, you'll be able to ditch the tuxedo and Walther PPK and step into the shoes of some of the franchise's most notorious villains, playing missions from their perspective.

Bond may have 50 years of experience on the silver screen, but he's no stranger to gamers. The first licensed Bond game came out nearly three decades ago for the Atari 2600 and 5200. Dubbed James Bond 007, that 1983 classic ironically has a lot in common with 007 Legends. While Activision's new game incorporates moments from six films, the 1983 side-scroller featured missions culled from "Diamonds Are Forever," "Moonraker," "For Your Eyes Only," and "The Spy Who Loved Me.

It was 1997's GoldenEye 007 by Rare that really put Bond gaming on the map, though. The game's popular multiplayer mode earned it rave reviews and helped it sell more than 8 million copies.

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