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Bounce to the music in ‘NBA Baller Beats’

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Playing ball in the house might be bad for furniture, but one video game company hopes it's good for gamers.

In the Kinect-exclusive NBA Baller Beats, players will dribble a real basketball to the beat of the music in what publisher Majesco is calling a "first-of-its kind participative basketball game."

According to USA Today, the game plays a bit like Guitar Hero, but instead of strumming notes, players follow a line of basketball icons that flow down the screen and perform moves in time with the music. Crossovers, between the legs, fake passes  -- it's basically a ball-handling drill set to music (Run D.M.C., Kanye West and Gorillaz are all confirmed artists). Majesco also confirmed that the game will save you a trip to the sporting good store by shipping with its own basketball.

And no, you won't need to install a parquet floor in your living room. The game (or rather, dribbling a basketball) will reportedly work on 'most surfaces', though good luck controlling your crossover on a 'Brady Bunch' shag rug.

If that all seems a little daft, don't tell Majesco. The company has gone all-in with Kinect, including a successful Zumba Fitness effort and an abysmal Hulk Hogan wrestling game. We'll find out whether or not a rhythm game played by dribbling basketball will hit the right notes when the game launches this fall. In the meantime, bounce along to the trailer:

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