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Boy finds pornographic drawings in used Mario game

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Traci Turner figured she was playing it safe when she bought her 6-year-old son a used copy of the kid-friendly Wii game 'Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games' from the local Gamestop.

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Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics (Sega)

But when her son opened up the game at home, the Georgia resident was shocked to find pornographic images drawn on the box's inside cover.

"They were extremely inappropriate. It was very sexual in nature," she told local ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

Turner bought the game for a playdate and had to explain the situation to some angry parents. But when she reached out to Gamestop for an apology, she was curtly thanked by a clerk and promptly hung up on.

"I didn't have any other motive. I just wanted them to say they were sorry," said Turner.

Buying used games and devices comes with an inherent risk, and while most used purchases go off without a hitch, occasionally consumers find that they didn't exactly get what they paid for.

In 2009, a Florida teen opened up a used Nintendo DS handheld box only to find a bunch of rocks and wadded up newspaper instead of the system. That same year a 6-year-old in the Bay Area found a memory card filled with pornography in a used PSP system his mother purchased from Wal-Mart.

GameStop corporate has since reached out to investigate the matter.

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