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Bulls will win NBA title, predicts NBA 2K11

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2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose - Getty Images

The NBA finals won't be held until early next month, but Chicago Bulls fans might want to start stockpiling the bubbly right now.

Award-winning b-ball sim NBA 2K11 has come out with its annual prediction of who will emerge victorious from the finals, saying Chicago will beat the Dallas Mavericks in seven games. In addition, the game predicts Derrick Rose will take home MVP honors after a tremendous performance in the final three games.

The Bulls will feel the heat from Miami, but ultimately beat them in five
games. Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer will be the standout players, combining for more than 17 rebounds per game, with Rose averaging a Jordan-like (or is that Rose-like?)
32.4 points per game.

Over in the Western conference, the Mavs will top the Thunder, with Dirk Nowitzki
keeping pace with Kevin Durant, and Jason Kidd backing him up with a solid

Once the finals start, it's going to be a match for the ages. The Mavs will take the lead early, but Rose will roar back in the finals, averaging 33 points and 10 assists in the final three games -- and scoring a whopping 42 points in Game 7.

Nowitzki, meanwhile, will falter in the final game, predicts 2K, earning just 17 points.

It's a fun scenario to picture (for Bulls fans, at least), but does a video game, no
matter how stats-driven it might be, have the ability to predict the future?

With NBA 2K11, the track record is shaky. Last year, the game predicted the Lakers
would lose to the Celtics in five games. In reality, Los Angeles won the series
in seven. (The game did, however, accurately predict the Lakers beating the
Thunder in the first round of the playoffs.)

Don't hold it against 2K, though. Predicting champions is a tough business. Earlier
this year, EA's Madden series confidently said the Pittsburgh Steelers would
defeat the Green Bay Packers 24-20 in Super Bowl XLV. When all was said and
done, though, The Packers took home the Lombardi trophy, winning by a score of 31-25.


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