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New Butterfinger ARG signals the end of the world

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What does Seth Green, Lou Ferrigno and the Mayan calendar have in common?


The makers of the candy bar are at it again with yet another alternate-reality game, this one concerning the apocalyptic end of all things as foretold by Harold Camping those pesky Mayans, which they have redubbed 'Barmageddon'. And no, this is apparently not an April Fool's prank.

A hyperactive video on the Butterfinger Facebook page sets it up, especially the key part where folks can win up to five grand by playing some games and putzing around the Butterfinger-y internetz.

It's just the latest viral marketing game ploy by Butterfinger. A few years back, the company went long with a comprehensive ARG perpetrated by Robot Chicken madman Seth Green, followed by a seriously bizarre game starring the unlikely trio of Erik Estrada, Lou Ferrigno and Charisma Carpenter.

This one's a bit tamer, but just as lucrative. Lay a finger on it here.

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