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Cheat at Smurf Village, get scolded by Papa Smurf

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Papa Smurf: not gonna take it any more

acclaimed indie game designer Jenova Chen -- the brain behind Zen masterpieces Flower and Flow -- figured out he could cheat his way to success in iOS social hit Smurf Village, he was the envy of his fellow
players in a matter of hours.

But as any Smurf will tell you, cheating is not very smurfy.

Chen, who had been playing Smurf Village to investigate the formidable
popularity of social games, found out he could fool the game into
thinking time had passed by altering his iPad's internal clock. That let
him build up a level 21 village -- an impressively high level -- in a
matter of hours, he told Kotaku.

Don't try it at home, though. Papa Smurf is onto you.

After an update issued by publisher Capcom this week -- which included
numerous attractive-sounding seasonal tweaks and enhancements -- players
who try Chen's method will receive a scolding at the hands of the
diminutive blue patriarch.

"I'm disappointed that you've been overworking the Smurfs by changing the
clock," he says. "Careful, or Smurfs will leave the village."

Is that a threat? Sounds like Chen's smurfing days are at an end.

Via Kotaku.


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