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Classic games coming to Facebook

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Castle Defense

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Oregon Trail

You have died of dysentery.

If you played the game "The Oregon Trail" as a kid, you probably suffered that cruel fate more than once. Either that or your oxen starved to death. Or you broke a wagon wheel and died. Or you were bit by a poisonous snake (and, of course, died). The game was full of calamities, but it was also educational.

"Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" is another game that was hugely popular at schools in the 1980s. Now, both games are making comebacks with updated versions that will be playable on Facebook.

Blue Fang Games will release both games in early February. The Oregon Trail hits on February 2. Carmen Sandiego, a game where the player attempts to track a thief who travels all over the world, lands a week later, on February 9. Fans may remember Carmen Sandiego's popular PBS TV show (the theme song is still infectious).

Anticipation for both games is running high on the Web. Searches on both games are up over 500% over the past 24 hours. However, Oregon Trail is apparently the bigger draw. Overall queries on the pioneer game are more than double those of Ms. Sandiego. Apparently, dysentery is just as fun as ever.

You can check out clips from both versions below. Game on.


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